Message from Brazil Associates



As S.N.J.M. associates in Brazil, we are attracted by the charism of the congregation in view of the spiritu
ality of Mother Marie Rose as a layperson who lived in close contact with her people. For we recognize that when we first knew the congregation we were in our “Marta” stage, the biblical figure associated with action and service due to our own activism in various pastoral activities in the Ecclesial Base Communities.

Today, with greater maturity, our commitment allows us to give more attention to our “Maria” side, the biblical figure who saw the essential of human living. We discern that in daily life it is “Marta” who is still active, however our monthly meetings help facilitate the integration of these two complementary sides, contemplation and action.  Sharing our lives strengthens us to begin each new journey.

(Associate meeting- São Paulo group: present- Roberta Andrade, Edna Araújo, Maria José da Silva et sœur Agnes Hoy)

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