I love to imagine new realities!

Aahh! imageshelen2In the part of my heart that loves to envision new realities, I see a group of women on a journey searching for where their presence and ministry can make a significant difference in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged, where people are without assistance.  The SNJMs who’ve taken this journey will listen, support and encourage the builders of this new religious congregation. Having helped to liberate the lives and  gifts of the disadvantaged, trapped in the struggle merely  to survive,  these Sisters will support and share stories of obstacles jumped or crawled through.                                                                                                                                       Will they be educators? Of course! This challenging journey can bring them to a greater awareness  of  the roots of debilitating poverty and injustices and lead to advocating for change  in concrete ways. The internet, social media, education in public places are a few of the tools ready to spread truths/ spark awareness and dialogue/ listen to the disadvantaged and those living in dire poverty and  speak of courageous solutions.                                                             What strengths are needed to launch and stay the course? Read  Jesus’ promise of blessings and joy  in Matthew 5: 3-11: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice for they will be filled.” Blessed are those who mourn…. who cry for a fuller life,  by helping those most in need, those who have lost homelands and family. Blessed… Let’s start a Congregation with those who want to be happy in ministry. Jesus’ invitation to the rich young man’s questions (Mark 10:17-31) is a radical call for a more focused response, “Go, sell all that you have and give to the poor …and come, follow me.” Some, like this rich young man, will go away sad, because they have great possessions.  But some will say yes to this radical call.

So… please help us with this quest by commenting: What  are your ideas for “Refounding  Religious Congregations” that would attract  the people of today who are searching to respond to this radical call from Jesus?

3 thoughts on “I love to imagine new realities!

  1. Monique Gendorn

    Je fais maintenant partie d’un groupe de réflexion sur l’avenir de notre charisme dans le monde d’aujourd’hui et trouver des moyens de nous rendre plus visibles pour intéresser des personnes qui aimeraient se joindre à nous.
    Je suis avides de nouvelles avenues..
    Monique Gendron, anjm

  2. Cecilia A Ranger, SNJM

    The “loudest voice” I hear during this decade focuses on a hunger and thirst for spirituality–even though the words are sometimes articulated as “I don’t have a religion, but I do practice a spirituality.” When I gather women for a retreat, 48 come; Lectio Divina attracts others; centering prayer draws persons to come together as community; Laudato Si’ discussions finds us forming about 5 groups of 5 persons each for a profound sharing experience. Often I am told, “You Sisters do not realize the riches you have to share.” So, I ask myself daily, and dream/imagine also: “How do we ‘feed the world’ from the rich table we have been privileged to prepare for many decades?” –Cecilia A Ranger SNJM

  3. Beverly Redmond

    As I read your entry, Helen, my heart almost “leapt for joy”; what a wonderful and even possible vision, maybe not today or tomorrow but in the “fullness of time”. I believe that you have been on this “journey” for many years and have made significant changes in many people’s lives. I also believe that myriads of others have as well. However, bringing the dream to full reality is difficult given the “soil” we live in. Working in our own corners is like a star brightly shining. Working together in full awareness of our responsibility and in joy, we can be like the Milky Way. People all over the world will see, be touched and changed by what they see. I find true hope and promise in your words. Thank you.


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