Wise Aging and the General Chapter

Wise Aging and the General Chapter: A vision of our congregation through the lens of wise aging, no matter how old!


by Janet Walton, SNJM

Gratitude from the edges

If I were at our summer general chapter I would begin with gratitude, time to acknowledge and thank each person for the particular contributions each one has made to the community and to the world.

Fearlessness from the edges

If I were at the chapter I would want to imagine our next steps as a congregation with fearlessness. What structures do we need as wise agers?  What would challenge the default to business as usual? What securities can we give up?  What responsibilities can we change to provide more for people who live on the edges?

Subversion from edges

If I were at the chapter I would want to spend time on subversion. From our perspectives as wise agers, what can we do politically to challenge the dominance of the 1%? What chances can we take? As one example among many, maybe we would decide that every wise ager will work on a local school board to press for fair resources for children who live on the edges. 

Joy from the edges

 If I were at the chapter I would play with peacock feathers, giving each person one, to balance them while moving, to toss them to one another. Only by moving with the air will it be possible. And what will happen in that playfulness?

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