Let your light shine!


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“Let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to God
who is in heaven.”  Mt. 5:16

To whom are you most attracted: the serious business-like person or the one who has a ready smile that lights up your room?  Happiness is a way of living the values that reflect the joy of God’s love for us.  If a single drop of water is a miracle in itself a single expression of joy can also create a miracle

What is God’s wish for you? Religious women today joyfully live the Gospel.  That makes them Gospel women!  When we encounter the surly, the broken hearted, and the unfriendly, that is the time to reflect God’s love, mercy and compassion.

Happiness is knowing that you have the strength and the courage to overcome any adversity that life throws at you.  When you’re in love, it shows.  Let your light shine!  There is no need to be a luminary but are you more like a robin or a chameleon.  Maybe you are somewhere in between?

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