At the heart is hospitality…

by Crystal Clark, SNJMcrystal

Looking back at various situations our congregation has responded to, I see at the heart of them hospitality. I see us having centers of hospitality to continue to serve the poor and disadvantaged. A nurturing force, where people know they can come to us for care and concern. I see, for example, center of hospitality where those living with HIV/AIDS can receive a meal, nutrition to assist with the Antiretroviral’s (ARVs) capacity to work towards better health. I see prayer circles, pastoral services. There would be centers of hospitality for “teach ins” on the care of the environment, theology, women’s health, prayer and various justice issues. We would be known in our areas and villages through hospitality of heart.

5 thoughts on “At the heart is hospitality…

  1. Elizabeth Liebert

    Crystal, what strikes me immediately about your vision is that it is so expansive. All sorts of people can join us in it (or, depending on the perspective, we can join all sorts of people!) It is also contextual; the hospitality and services meet the need of the place and time, so the responses would likewise need to be contextual. And, it is deeply spiritual and grounded in the charism, your reference to hospitality of the heart. Thank you.

  2. Kathleen Ross

    Crystal, I really like the concept you are exploring. It obviously embodies our charism, utilizing the hospitality setting to share education and growth of the human person. Another aspect I really like is that Hospitality sites as you describe could be good places for retired and elderly sisters or associates to volunteer. The setting would be accessible to the elderly, and their gift of listening and mentoring could be offered easily in such a setting . . . I want to keep thinking about this idea! Thank you! — S. Kathleen Ross

  3. Judy Ryan snjm

    I, too, am very moved by your vision of “Hospitality of the Heart”, creating sites (or joining with others)
    to be present to the needs of others, (ie poor and vulnerable people, young adults seeking listening
    hearts to help them discern their life direction/vocation, etc. And I love the ideas of being available
    for prayer, faith conversations, “teach-ins”, etc. I would love to see us pursue this “model” in our
    Mission Centres as a realistic way we could share our charism, whatever our age, gifts or limitations.

    Thanks so much! Judy Ryan


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